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Drink Up! Fruit Infused Water

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Drink Up! Fruit Infused Water

So by now we should all know the importance of drinking water daily. I for one loooooove water. Very rarely will you see me drinking anything other than water. My boys happen to be the same exact way fortunately. I’m not going to lie, I’m one of those people that if you tell me you don’t drink water or that you hate water, I’m going to be like “Say what now?!” LOL

Now what exactly are the benefits of water you may ask? Well let’s take a look. Water…

  • Is good for your skin
  • Helps promote weight loss
  • Helps prevent hangovers (1 glass in between each drink)
  • Helps the kidneys flush out toxins in the body. The lighter your urine, the better
  • Helps regulate your body temperature and prevent dehydration

There are many more benefits, but I just listed a handful. Even with knowing the many benefits of drinking water, there are still some of you that are probably like “NOPE!” Well have you tried to drink fruit-infused water? The main reason I hear why someone doesn’t drink water is that it has no flavor. What if you could be in control of how your water tastes? You can. All you have to do is infuse it with various ingredients that actually carry additional benefits and are way better for you than those artificial sweeteners that you see on the market.

A couple of my favorite fruit infused water concoctions include strawberries, lemon, and mint leaves or just lemon and mint leaves.

Strawberries provide the benefit of antioxidants and fiber, and mint leaves and lemon both help with digestion. Lemons provide us with vitamins A and C.

There are so many other options that you can use to infuse your water and pack it with flavor.

For example you can add blueberries, ginger, cucumbers, oranges, etc. The possibilities are endless. It’s all about what tastes good to you and of course, what will help you make sure you’re getting enough water!

To infuse your water all you need is a container to hold everything. You can use a water bottle or jug for example. You put in whatever ingredients that you plan to infuse your water with, then you fill up the container with water. Next you place the water into the refrigerator for at least a couple of hours. If possible, try to let it sit inside of the refrigerator overnight for added flavor. Once your water is nice and cold, drink up and enjoy!

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