Hiiii!!! Let’s see, I enjoy long walks on the beach, nice romant…Oh, whoops sorry wrong site. All jokes aside, my name is Veleita and I consider myself to be a fit mommy that happens to be a foodie at the same time. Now everyone’s definition of fit will vary. Can I run a 5k nonstop? No. Maybe one day. Do I have a six pack? Hmm, now that’s a tricky one. I suppose it’s somewhere under my stretch marks and flab waiting for its time to shine… orrrrr not. Anywho, I consider myself fit because I love working out and taking care of my body. I love it so much that I was once a personal trainer, helping others to be fit

As my second title states, I am a mommy to three loud, energetic, rambunctious boys that force me to stay fit in order to keep up with them. Shout out to all my boy moms out there, and all the pee that we have to clean up from around the toilet seat. Yea, I said it. Being a boy mom is a messy job, but someone has to do it.

Bowling with KJ and TyLee

“Shout out to all my boy moms out there!”

Baby Kairo

Now lastly, but certainly not least, I consider myself a foodie. You probably won’t see me out and about snacking on escargot, but you’ll for sure catch me throwing down on some pasta, which is my fave, or chugging a delicious green smoothie. Like most of us out there, I just looooove food. Good food that is. Healthy food all the way down to the eh not so healthy food (in moderation of course). So get ready to follow and join me on this lovely journey as I show that it’s possible to be a fit mommy foodie all at once. Even if you’re not a mommy, that’s ok. The recipes and workouts are meant for everyone to enjoy! 🙂 🙂

This blog will include a variety workouts that you are able to do at home, the gym, outside, etc. Also there will be tons of yummy recipes for you to try by yourself and even with your little ones.

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